Kathy Lorentz
6220 N Applecross Rd
Highland Heights,Oh 44143
Phone: (440) 665-2668
Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 7AM to 5PM

Recent Control Projects
* Electric Peak Shaving Controls
* Test Stand Development
* Utility Monitoring/Reporting
* Wastewater pH Control system
* Alternative Energy Process Controls
* GE PLC (5,6,90-30,Rx3i) conversions
* AB PLC (PLC5,SLC,Logix) conversions
* GE Cimplicity HMI updates/conversions
* Chemical Pilot Plant Automation
* Polishing Machine PLC Upgrade
* Red Lion HMI/DataStation Implementation

Recent Process Projects

Ammonia Stripping Column Design
Design, Installation and startup of 30" steam strip column for removing ammonia from wastewater

Continuous Reactor Design
Designed, installed and started up continuous reactor for preparation of Calcium Fluoride
Synthetic Natural Gas Processing
Sized and specified equipment for synthetic natural gas  recovery from a waste tire
reclamation process.

Scrubber Evaluation
Evaluated several scrubbing methods for removing ammonia from a fluid bed dryer

Pilot Reaction Train
Design and installation of a 110 gallon reactor train